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About Us

Welcome to Great CSA Management A Holistic Financial Assets firm dedicated to providing exceptional service to Individual, Family, and Corporate clients.


At Great CSA Management, we take pride in being a collective of amazing people, each striving to deliver the best financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our young and dynamic team of financial professionals is committed to guiding and assisting you on your financial journey. We specialize in offering personalized advice and support in selecting the most suitable financial products based on our FOUR main pillars:
  1. Asset Protection: Safeguarding your wealth and ensuring it remains secure and protected.
  2. Asset Accumulation: Helping you grow and build your wealth through strategic investment and financial planning.
  3. Asset Preservation: Implementing strategies to preserve and sustain your wealth for the long term.
  4. Asset Distribution: Assisting with effective wealth distribution and inheritance planning to pass on your legacy.
We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Risk Planning, Wealth Planning, Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Life Planning, as well as Banking & Finance and Accounting & Tax services.


At Great CSA Management, our dedication to excellence has been recognized and featured by prestigious organizations, such as:

 Trusted Malaysia as The 15 Best Financial Advisors in Malaysia

Ehoza Personal Finance Malaysia as Personal Financial Consultant in Malaysia

Advisers Financial Consultant Magazine as Financial Advisors in Malaysia

Interviewed by British Publishing House Ltd as Successful People in Malaysia (3rd Edition )

Interviewed by Malaysia Chinese Business Radio Station, CityPlusFM on Financial Planning  资产规划好, 富过三代没烦恼 

Interviewed by ShangHai Business Media, 商海名人访 on Financial Planning  资产规划 

Top 1 Chinese Business Leader Magazine in South East Asia, Top Corporate Leader 企业总裁 as Top Corporate Leader

ShangHai Elite Entrepreneurs Book Fame 2021 百企名传 as Malaysia Top 100 Enterprise Benchmarking Influencer  标杆影响力

Worldwide Consumer Prestige 世界消费人权威 Magazine “疫情之下,消费者该如何精明理财” as One Stop Financial Planning Advisors  一站式资产管理专家


We are committed to assisting you in achieving your financial goals and ensuring a prosperous future. Explore the potential of your financial assets with Great CSA Management today!




To provide clients professional services with integrity.
To utilize professional and standardized system in training and cultivating talents for building a desirable and irresistible brand.
To raise and lead the team in fulfilling a bright and fulfilling life.



To become the most desirable, irresistible, most wanted Top 100 Financial Management Advisory 100 people team and sharing achievement as the entrepreneurial dream team for those who aspire to live a fulfilling and contented path of life.


Core Value

Integrity and Professionalism.
Respect and Gratitude.
Team Unity.
Active Participation and Self-Directed; Motivation; Kindness and Giving.



Self-directed growth and learning, high priority towards client satisfaction.
Empathy over sympathy, kind gestures on a daily basic.
Communication from all perspective; forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Share knowledge, ideas and growth together as a team.